At Eye Care Associates of Princeton, we offer comprehensive exams that cover all aspects of your vision and eye health. We start with questions regarding your daily life and any symptoms you may be experiencing at home or at work. We also take record of your vision, medications, and overall health. Then our optometrists perform a refraction followed by an assessment of your ocular health including the retina. This may be done with magnification and light, and either with dilation or digital retinal imaging. We also record your eye pressure with tonometry, which is an important test to identify patients at risk of developing glaucoma.

After these tests, we review the results and discuss treatment options or corrective lens choices.


Introducing CLARIFYE℠: The Old Way Just Got Even Older

Eye Care Associates of Princeton is proud to offer CLARIFYE℠. Eye exam technology has been the same for decades—but not anymore. CLARIFYE℠ is the new digital eye exam that shows you much more.

During your exam your optometrist uses advanced, digital equipment to map the unique “fingerprint” of your eye. The exam is detailed and comprehensive, and every step is personalized just for you. Best of all, its digital precision means less guessing between “which is better, 1 or 2?” No other eye exam is more precise. And it’s exclusively at or next to LensCrafters. Call Eye Care Associates of Princeton today to schedule an appointment.

What a CLARIFYE℠ Exam Means To Patients:

  • Patients receive super-precise digital measurements for their prescription for optimal vision
  • Gives your optometrist an overall view of your visual system
  • Provides a complete digital analysis for patients with night vision challenges

CLARIFYE℠ is available only at Eye Care Associates of Princeton and selected LensCrafters locations.

For more information on Comprehensive Eye Exams or to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (609) 536-1017.